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Participation & conditions

The second edition of the Sabar Challenge will take place at Saturday 29th of April.
The competition will take place in the Bijlmer Parktheater in Amsterdam.
Groups from all over the world are welcome to participate the dance competition.

The winner gets:
– Amount of € 750,-
– Teacher will give workshop next year Sabar Challenge 2018

How to participate?
Send an e-mail to
Soon you will receive an e-mail with more information.


To participate in the Sabar challenge there are some conditions and guiding rules.

– the participating dance group exists of 4 to 8 dance students.
– Travel- and sleeping costs for the teacher, drum leader and participating dancers are to be covered by the dancers themselves.

There are 2 possibilities to participate the competition: 

Sabar competition with live percussion:
– the participating group prepares a presentation of maximum 8 minutes.
– the presentations should include the following dance parts: choreo/routine with traditional rhythm (barambaya, fass, thieboudienne etc.), new bakk / composition, individual solo’s/improvisations.
– There is a drum ensemble present to guide the dance groups, but the participating group can choose to bring 1 own drumleader.

Mbalax competition:
– the participating group chose a his favorite song of chose the song of Pape Moussa (which you can hear in the promo movie of Sabar Challenge)
– the chosen song consist of a maximum duration of 5 minutes

If you want to get the mp3 of the song of Pape Moussa, please send an e-mail to 

Buy your tickets for the Sabar Challenge Show HERE at the website of Bijlmer Parktheater.
For the foreign people it will be difficult to buy your tickets online. To make your reservation fill in THIS FORM. At saturday the 29th you can pay your ticket at the counter of the theatre.