Sabar! Visit the dynamic city of Dakar or one of the other beautiful places in Senegal and you can be sure that beautiful Sabar rhythms will enter your body. The rhythms and dances, often generations old but always evolving, tell the stories of people. Their relations, traditions, and rich cultures. The intense interplay between the drummers and dancers, beautiful dresses, sparkling energy of those watching make you want to move. Jump into the circle with a confident face, lead the drummers and go! Everybody is welcome! Everybody can dance! Just be free! Sabar is weekly taught in Amsterdam and many other cities around the world. Once you start, it will become part of you!


Get inspired!


Youssou Ndour, the king of Mbalakh, is by far the most famous Senegalese musician and one of the most recognized singers from Africa. He modernized a lot of the traditional Sabar rhythms and made these, through Mbalakh, available to a worldwide public!


Pape Moussa Sonko is the director of choreography of the well respected ballet Waato Siita. He fuses traditional and contemporary movement. The most famous Senegalese Sabar dancers passed by this ballet.


Moussa Ndiaye formal student of Bané Ndiaye and Pape Moussa Sonko, is well know for his fast acrobatic moves and enhousiastic way of teaching Sabar and Djembé. He Perfomed with artists such as Youssou Ndour, Baaba Maal and Kenny B.